Retired! Our Quick List of Cycling Trips

We are retiring soon and spending all our time planning the next stage of our lives. Recently we bought two fabulous eBikes from Cit-E Cycles in Vancouver and plan to ride on extended cycling trips along the scenic West Coast. With your new eBikes in tow, you’re set for a journey filled with breathtaking views, unique stops, and a touch of humor to keep things lively. Here, we’ve compiled 10 spectacular cycling routes, each with its own charm and character! Next step: pick the best ones and get them into the calendar!

  1. Vancouver’s Coastal Charm

Distance: 140 km

Stay Over: Gibsons


  • Scenic Views: Stanley Park’s Seawall offers a picturesque start with views of the Vancouver skyline.
  • Historical Stops: Visit the quaint fishing village of Steveston for a history lesson on Canada’s west coast fishing industry.

Funny Bit: Watch out for the seagulls at Granville Island – they’re known for their “dive-bombing” tactics on unsuspecting tourists!

  1. The Sunshine Coast Trail

Distance: 180 km

Stay Over: Powell River


  • Nature Galore: Ride through dense forests and along stunning shorelines.
  • Quirky Stops: Check out the Skookumchuck Narrows for a “whirlpool” of a time.

Funny Bit: You’ll need more than sunscreen on the Sunshine Coast – maybe a “sunshine shield” to battle the bright beauty!

  1. Olympic Peninsula Loop

Distance: 210 km

Stay Over: Port Angeles


  • Natural Wonders: The Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park is a must-see.
  • Cultural Gems: The native heritage at Makah Museum in Neah Bay is captivating.

Funny Bit: If you find Bigfoot, tell him he owes me $10 – long story!

  1. The Oregon Coast Trail

Distance: 250 km

Stay Over: Cannon Beach


  • Dramatic Coastline: Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach is iconic.
  • Foodie Paradise: Sample some of the best seafood in the U.S. in Newport.

Funny Bit: Oregon’s coast: where the only thing cheesier than the jokes is the delicious Tillamook cheese!

  1. Redwoods Ride

Distance: 160 km

Stay Over: Eureka


  • Majestic Redwoods: Avenue of the Giants is a surreal experience.
  • Coastal Beauty: The Lost Coast offers rugged, untouched landscapes.

Funny Bit: Riding among the Redwoods makes you feel like an ant on a very, very large tree farm.

  1. San Francisco Bay Trail

Distance: 130 km

Stay Over: Sausalito


  • Iconic Landmarks: Golden Gate Bridge is a cyclist’s dream photo op.
  • Artistic Flair: Explore the artsy vibe of Sausalito.

Funny Bit: Remember, it’s not the hills that’ll get you in San Fran – it’s trying to pronounce “Ghirardelli” correctly!

  1. Big Sur Spectacular

Distance: 145 km

Stay Over: Monterey


  • Breathtaking Cliffs: The Bixby Bridge offers stunning ocean vistas.
  • Marine Life: Watch out for whales and sea otters near Point Lobos.

Funny Bit: Big Sur’s beauty is so overwhelming, it might just “bridge” the gap between cyclists and nature lovers!

  1. Santa Barbara Serenade

Distance: 150 km

Stay Over: Solvang


  • Wine Country: Solvang’s Danish charm and vineyards are delightful.
  • Beach Views: The ride along the Santa Barbara coast is picturesque.

Funny Bit: Don’t get too “wined up” in Solvang – you’ll need balance for the bike ride!

  1. Malibu Magic

Distance: 135 km

Stay Over: Santa Monica


  • Celebrity Spotting: Keep an eye out for stars in their natural habitat.
  • Scenic Route: Ride the Pacific Coast Highway for epic ocean views.

Funny Bit: Malibu: where you’re more likely to get a tan than to pedal hard!

  1. The Los Angeles Finale

Distance: 140 km

Stay Over: Long Beach


  • Urban Adventure: Explore the vibrant streets of downtown LA.
  • Beachside Bliss: The ride along Venice Beach is full of life and character.

Funny Bit: In LA, cycling might be faster than driving – thanks, traffic!

Each of these routes offers a unique blend of scenery, history. Help us pick the best ones!

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